Data analysis and statistical support for ESODATA, USA

We carried out three projects focusing on data analysis and statistical support for ESODATA, USA. ESODATA is an International platform for the Esophagectomy Complications Consensus Group (ECCG), USA and The International Society for Diseases of the Oesophagus (ISDE).

Project 1: Pre-operative, Inter-operative and Post-operative predictors of pneumonia following esophagectomy. Project 2: Pre-operative and operative predictors of occurrence of post-esophagectomy complications. Project 3: Comparison of minimally invasive and open approach esophagectomies according to pre-operative, operative and outcome variables. Following completion of projects, the results were presented by ESODATA at the ISDE World Congress in Vienna, 16-19 September 2018.

Prosopis Invasion in East Africa: Towards a control and management decision-support model, CABI Switzerland

We developed a model for effective strategies to control the spread of Prosopis in East Africa. The project was carried out for the Centre for Biology International (CABI) Switzerland.

Critical Transitions in nature, technology and society, London UK  

We organised a Mathematics in Innovation pan-European study group for the CRITICS Network members, hosted by the University of Valladolid, Spain.

CRITICS is a research network of scientists, mostly mathematicians, from nine European universities, led by Imperial College London. The network is dedicated to the study of Critical Transitions, i.e. characterising and predicting the occurrence of sudden changes in complex systems in nature, technology and society.

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Workshop with industry and academia, London UK

We curated an interactive workshop, where participants worked with experienced mathematicians and scientists on three specific challenges with a highly mathematical content from innovative industries such as green energy, agri-tech and cyber-security for autonomous vehicles. 

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Innovations and Applications of Mathematical Research Events,  London, UK

We organised a series of scientific workshops on the theme of Critical Transitions, Stability and Resilience: Innovations and Applications, together with CRITICS research network and hosted by Imperial College, London.  

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FeedForward.AI,  London, UK: Science, ML and Innovation Strategy

Business case analysis for various industries, including energy, healthcare, transport and retail.
Macsim Associates work with FeedForward was valuable. They have the rare ability to bring together scientific and business understanding in order to develop high-quality opportunities and solutions.” – Dr Kevin Webster, Founder FeedForward.AI