SafeScan medical is a remote vital signs radar sensing system designed to monitor the respiratory rate of patients remotely and continuously.

Macsim Associates and Iceni Labs sign MoU: “Mathematics for Innovation”

Macsim Associates and Iceni Labs will collaborate on projects which require mathematical modelling, data science methods and machine learning algorithms to advance the development of Iceni Labs’ SafeScan technology. 

Macsim Associates will build mathematical models and algorithms that will support the development of SafeScan’s health monitoring and clinical decision-making capabilities.

SafeScan is a remote vital signs radar sensing system designed to monitor the respiratory rate of patients remotely and continuously, including ...  CLICK TO READ MORE

Guest speaker at Reply “Cloud in financial services” 

Our CEO, Dr Sargent is the guest speaker at the final workshop dedicated to quantum computing, in the series organised by Reply.

Quantum computing solves problems in a completely new way, such as finding the best course of action from an array of possibilities. It is still in its infancy, but a revolutionary field of science that one day may impact all areas of life. This webinar will explore the benefits of quantum computing and its latest applications in the Financial Services sector.

The webinar was designed for Board Members, ...  CLICK TO READ MORE

White paper: “How to leverage AI to prevent the next pandemic?”

Could Covid-19 have been predicted earlier or managed better by leveraging AI and Machine Learning tools? How can these technologies be used to tackle future pandemics? Read an in-depth analysis of these issues in this white paper: “How can we leverage AI for pandemics?

Dr Sargent’s invited contribution discusses how to set up an AI global warning system to detect and prevent the next pandemic. Other chapters in this paper include AI based drug discovery, protein classification using deep learning, NLP and diagnostics, ...  CLICK TO READ MORE

Royal Society of Science: Entrepreneur in Residence

Our CEO, Dr Sargent was appointed a Royal Society of Science Entrepreneur in Residence  at Imperial College London, Mathematics Department.

The programme is designed to help UK institutions turn world-leading research into commercial success. The scheme also aims to address skills gaps in industries like energy, transportation and data science by helping to foster an entrepreneurial culture within universities and develop curricula that produce industry-ready graduates.

Dr Sargent’s programme is entitled Mathematics ...  CLICK TO READ MORE

Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society: Business and Industry Committee

Our CEO, Dr Cristina V. Sargent was elected member of the Business and Industry Committee of the Royal Statistical Society. 

The Business & Industrial Section (BIS) brings together practitioners from academia and industry who are passionate about improving the analysis and interpretation of data in making management decisions. BIS hosts regular speaker sessions and contributes to broader RSS activities to advance the use of statistical thinking, evidence-based approaches and statistical methods in business and industry, ...  CLICK TO READ MORE

CogX Impressions

In July this year, we attended CogX (short for Cognition X), a three-day event showcasing AI and Emerging Technology, here in London. 

The place was abuzz with exhibitors, scientists, entrepreneurs, captains of industries and investors. Of course, DeepMind, IBM’s Watson and other usual suspects were prominent, as the rightful passengers on the AI (probably autonomous) bus, riding towards a future that has already surpassed some of the science fiction of our childhood.

The event’s underlying ...  CLICK TO READ MORE