How do we work?

As mathematicians, we supported innovation projects from basic, fundamental research to implementation.

We can work through the following project stages:

  • Problem background and feasibility research
  • Solution architecture, i.e. a conceptual model
  • Proof of concept: formulate or select a case to test the validity of the model, assumptions and results
  • Tests in controlled setting, e.g. using test cases, test data, laboratory setting
  • Communication of results
  • Solution calibration and scaling-up
  • Export to other settings
  • Assessment of effects, impact and results over long timescales.

The project structure varies depending on the project but some common components are:


We collaborate with the client to establish what field specific knowledge, information and data is relevant and useful for our project.

We consider the key scientific concepts, governing principles, relevant models, algorithms and techniques. 


We work with the client to formulate precisely the problem statement and what is needed. We  establish what are viable solutions and routes to achieving them.


We “translate” the problem into a mathematical model which captures its essential components, relationships and dynamics.  

The model may be a combination of sub-models from across various mathematical branches, e.g. dynamical systems, statistics, machine learning,  game theory, etc. 


We combine the model with available data and use it to simulate scenarios under different assumptions and find viable solutions, tailored to your problem. 



A project’s outcome can be a set of items: a specifically designed model, algorithm or application for decision-making, scheduling, resource allocation, visualisation or risk assessment, a data strategy, a report with analysis and recommendations and many more. 

A project can span one or several technology readiness levels, from fundamental research to feasibility tests.

We communicate and collaborate closely with our clients’ in-house teams to ensure that results are viable, useful and enhance their work.

We help organisations to seize exciting opportunities arising from data in agriculture, healthcare, transport, ecology, energy and many more sectors.  

Get in touch and let’s explore how we can work together to accelerate innovation in you organisation!